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Giumba has been created by a team of Forex and Social Data experts, committed to promoting a high standard of industry services.

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Why Giumba?

Based on our deep knowledge and expertise, we believe the widespread demand for greater transparency, flexibility and reliability makes the Giumba unique agency model the real solution that meets traders’ needs.

Simple to use trading platforms

Simplicity is key to ensuring everyone can trade efficiently. At Giumba we pride ourselves on always keeping simplicity in mind. That’s why we’ve developed flexible trading platforms that provide fast and easy access to the financial markets. We provide a unique combination of simple to use trading platforms - from home and on the go - and the largest social trading network Giumba OpenBook that appeals to every level of trading experience. That's why over 1 million customers currently chose Giumba as their preferred trading platform.

Social Trading

Customers who trade with us can tap into the world's largest investment network, benefiting from the collective wisdom of our vast trading community. There are many opportunities to interact with our rich trading community, whether through our live chat traders messaging system or through one of the many discussions boards where customers can exchange investment ideas with traders from across the globe. Giumba social trading network enables every customer to find expert traders to learn from and copy the best.

Personal service for each customer

Every new Giumba customer can enroll in one of our exclusive Trader Programs and benefit from our personal service culture. Our dedicated account teams are always available to support your investment needs as and when they're needed. Receive up to the minute news from key financial news sources and traders insight reports from our own market analysis team. We work hard every day to earn our customers' loyalty and trust.

Responsible trading

At Giumba we provide our customers with a myriad of tools to guide them throughout their first steps as a trader and to help them trade responsibly. Giumba provides a range of responsible trading features like pre-set leverage settings to help customers easily calculate their risk.


In accordance with the rules on the custody of client money and loss protection established by the FCA, the funds of retail customers to Giumba (Queenary) they are held in segregated bank accounts, separate from the accounts on which funds are deposited, corporate Giumba (Queenary). This ensures that all funds of retail customers are protected in the unlikely event of insolvency of Giumba (Queenary) and that this event would be covered only by banks that guarantee customer deposits of Giumba (Queenary).

Our focus

We've spent the last three years working on a suite of exceptional Social Trading tools. From accurate market feeds, advanced charting, and groundbreaking social features to our beautiful interface, Giumba technology represents a quantum leap in the quality of a trader's overall online experience.

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